Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mini Jubilee Party..

My 10 year Old son Toby has his Jubilee Party at school today. My contribution was to make these fun table centre pieces using my FREE Jubilee Party Printables.

All I needed was:
Plastic Plant Pots
Dry flower Oasis
Large Skewers
Crepe Paper (Royal Blue)
Tissue Paper (Red - cut into shreds)
Craft Glue, or hot glue gun.

I wrapped the crepe paper around the plant Pots & fixed with tape. Tucking in stray end underneath & inside the pot. Put a handful of shingle from the garden into the base. (To make the base weighty)
Cut the Oasis to size & pack into the Pot. Shred your tissue paper & push into the top of the pot.
Then get 2 of your large circles & & a large skewer. Tape one circle to the top of the skewer. Then glue the other circle to the backside of the 1st circle. Glue the inside of the flags & wrap them around the skewer.
Then push the skewer into your Pots. I have glued the small 2" Circles to either side of the pot.
I hope I've explained that clearly! :)
Please contact me if you need any info on

I hope your all having fun with your jubilee party preparations! :)

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