Friday, 25 May 2012

Jubilee Party FREE Printables!

The Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations are almost upon us. I have had so much fun creating this Party Package for you all. Even better, it's totally FREE! :)
All you need it a little of your time, scissors, glue, lollipop sticks, string/ribbon, Glue, Tape and some nice Paper/ Card Stock & away you go for the perfect party!
Below if the complete pack that can be downloaded totally free HERE

2" Circles that can be used as Cupcake toppers, Straw toppers and Mini bunting!
Matching Cupcake wrappers in British Blue & red stripes & the Union Jack :)
Super cute Mini Bunting to make any Jubilee Cake or Pavlova Proud to be British!
Tent Food labels for you to fill in yourself and Little union jack Flags that can be used as Toothpick Toppers, Cupcake toppers or straw toppers!
 Centre Piece Circles can also be used as Bunting Spacers
6 x 4" Postcards - ideal for framing and using as signs around the house or on your table.
God save the Queen Lyrics on a 7x5" card - sing it loud & proud!
Large Jubilee Bunting in 3 x Union Jack Patterns, 3 x Large Plain Bunting for in between the Union jack. 
Small jubilee Bunting - Ideal for the edge of your buffet table, backs of chairs, above doors - lots of uses, just go wild!!

I hope you all have wonderful Celebrations!

I'd love to see your Jubilee Party Pictures if you use my printables & with your permission would love to add them to my blog. Please email me at



  1. Hi there,
    My daughter has a work to do for school. the subjet is the Queen. She'll need your printable stuff to decorate her classroom but it's impossible to print it or to record it on our computer. The link seems to be dead. Could you please send it to me by email?
    Thank you very much for what you can do for her.

    My party would never be the same without you and these printables!!!!

  3. Hello, I work in a care home and would love these printables for an upcoming event. By any chance would you be able to send them through to my personal email Many Thanks, Jess

  4. these are awesome! thank you so much! i shared these here: and there: